DALLAS (KDAF) — Looks like a city in the Lone Star State is really taking the phrase “everything’s bigger in Texas” to heart! But we don’t blame you, everything in Texas, especially the food, is very good.

WalletHub, a personal finance website, released its study on 2023’s Most Overweight and Obese Cities in the U.S.

McAllen was ranked as the fattest city in the US in the study. Researchers looked at 19 key metrics in 100 of the nation’s most populous metro areas, from physical activity to obesity to healthy eating.

According to the study, the McAllen metro area has the highest share of obese adults, 44.90 percent, which is 2.4 times higher than in Asheville, North Carolina. McAllen also has the highest percentage of physically inactive adults, 36.90 percent. It’s 2.4 times higher than Provo, Utah, which has the lowest rate at 15.20 percent.

With Texas sweet tea, barbecue plus Tex-Mex food, who wouldn’t want to be the fattest when there’s so much delicious food to be had?

If you want to see the entire study, visit Wallet Hub.