DALLAS (KDAF) — Dollar, dollar bills y’all (Texas Lottery edition)!

Well, it may not be the $7.5 million jackpot win thousands of players were hoping for but a few players are going to soon see their bank accounts jump up a comma.

The Lotto Texas drawing on July 20 didn’t see a jackpot winning ticket in Texas but it sure did see two tickets win over $12,000! Those two tickets matched five of the six winning numbers and chose the Extra! option to take what would’ve been a $2,500 win to the $12,531 winning amount.

There were five other winners that did not choose the Extra! option that did end up winning the $2,531 secondary prize amount from this drawing. In total from this Lotto Texas drawing there were nearly 11,000 winners who won at least $3 and up to $12,531.