DALLAS (KDAF) — Every year it’s always the talk of the town on how groceries are either up or down in cost and the holiday season brings this to the forefront, especially Thanksgiving.

This holiday’s premier protein is either a turkey or ham, but for the most part turkeys are king, but how much will they cost you, in your home state compared to others around the country? We checked out a report from Finance Buzz on the cost of a turkey in every state in 2022.

“Home chefs across America are gearing up for the biggest feast of the year. But between supply chain issues and the rising costs of goods, Thanksgiving 2022 could look different — and more expensive — for most,” the report said.

They found that on average Americans will pay at least $34.15 for their bird this year after examining turkey prices from grocery stores around the country to find the average cost in each state.

For Texans, you’re paying an average of $28.30 for a 15-pound turkey.

Finance Buzz said, “When it comes to affordable turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner, Mississippi featured the lowest rates in the nation, with an average cost of $26.35. That’s more than $7 cheaper than the national average.

“Other southern states, such as Texas, Florida, and Louisiana, were all among the top 10 least expensive states for a turkey this year.”