DALLAS (KDAF) — Well, it may not have been $555 million or even $1 million but several thousand dollars in winnings would make anyone smile, especially when it comes from the Texas Lottery.

As the jackpot rolls onto another drawing and going even higher to $630 million, a couple of Texans will soon be adding some serious cash into their wallet after falling short of winning the big prize.

The Texas Lottery reports there were two $10,000 winning Mega Millions tickets sold along with a third ticket that was Megaplied to triple that win to $30,000! Those tickets matched four of the five winning numbers along with the Mega Ball.

There were also 44 other players that won $1,500 after matching four of the five winning numbers on top of their ticket being Megaplied. In total, there were nearly 200,000 winners from the July 19 Mega Millions drawing.