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DALLAS — It’s a Texas take-down!

Eight MS-13 gang members have been indicted on several dangerous charges, including attempted murder, assault and racketeering conspiracy.

“At this point, 7 defendants are in custody. Six are in state custody. One defendant was arrested and had their initial appearance yesterday in federal court and we have one defendant at large,” Northern District of Texas U.S. Attorney Erin Nealy Cox said.

Several agencies worked together to win this small victory.

“MS-13 is one the largest street gangs in the United States. We’d like to think that we don’t have a gang problem here in North Texas, but this case and the many others that my office and Faith’s office has been working on demonstrate otherwise,” Attorney Cox said.

“Their trademark is violence. They’re required to commit acts of violence in order to be involved with the gang and to participate as gang members.”

Though there is much more work to be done, the state isn’t giving up.

“We are committed to working together as law enforcement and any other entity to be able to attack any threat to the safety and the peace of the citizens of this county, of this state, and country,” Dallas County  District Attorney Faith Johnson said.