Texas-Shaped Pool in Plano Seeks Landmark Status

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PLANO – Ahh, Texas.  What’s not to love?  Sure, the summers are hot as hell; but that’s nothing a dip in the pool can’t fix.

Well, in Plano there’s a place where you can cool off, that’s in the shape of Texas!

It was designed in 1959 and it’s been open since ’61.  But with memberships drying up, the folks who run it are looking for extra funds to keep the pool afloat.

Hey, this baby holds 168,000 gallons of saltwater, so it’s not cheap to operate.  The solution?  Turn the Texas Pool into an historic landmark!

Hey, that’s a tall order. There hasn’t been a new landmark designated in Texas since the USS Lexington back in 2003.  If they’re successful, the Texas Pool will join the Alamo in San Antonio and Mission Control in Houston, among others.

Yeah, it may be an uphill battle, but the Highland Park Shopping Center made the cut, so maybe there’s hope!

If you have any information about the history of this landmark, or if you just wanna float from the panhandle to the tip of Texas, email the Texas Pool Foundation or come visit this iconic pool, and help keep it on the map.

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