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The Texas Rangers 2016 Opening Day is right around the corner! That means a whole new season of cheering on the AL West champs — and a whole new menu to drool over.

First of all, Blue Bell is back!

But the new additions to the menu will REALLY make you scream. Whether it’s in happiness or horror is completely up to you.

For starters, there’s the Flaming Hot Cheetos Dog.

Flamin Hot Cheetos Dog Pic 1

If that’s not quite your taste, then how about a Chicken and Donut Skewer? It features fresh donut holes and fried chicken drizzled in sweet and spicy buffalo sauce.

Chicken and Donut Skewer Pic 2

And if you really wanna put your stomach to the test, there’s the Wicked Pig, a double-decker serving of pork rinds, pulled pork, bacon, and ham on a Hawaiian roll.

Wicked Pig Smokehouse 557

But if meat isn’t really your thing, don’t worry. The Ballpark is unveiling a new vegan menu!

It includes items like Shake It Up Salad,

Shake it up Salad Pic 3

Vegan Nachos,

Vegan Nachos Pic 1

and a Southwest Black Bean Burger.

SW Black Bean Burger Pic 2

You’ll get your chance to taste all these goodies yourself on Opening Day, when the Rangers host the Mariners.

Don’t hurt yourself. Go Rangers!