Texas Mother Accused of Killing Four-Year-Old Daughter

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ATHENS, Texas–Who could kill a four year old child?

A family friend found the body of 4-year-old Victoria Wyatt in the trunk of the family car.

“Something told me to open the trunk and there she was in a plastic bag. I saw her little leg hanging out of that plastic bag,” family friend Randy Dyess said.

He says they tried CPR.  Water came out of her mouth.  She never came back to life.

“What kind of evil does that? I hope she gets the death penalty,” Dyess said.

*She* is Victoria’s mother. Stacie Parsons was arrested.  Cops say she confessed to killing the girl in one location, putting her body in the car trunk, and driving home.

So why would she reportedly do such an awful thing?  Victoria’s father says it’s because he wanted a divorce.

“(She) told me if I leave her she would kill the baby,” Gary Wyatt, Jr. said. “I never for a minute thought she’d actually do it.”

Her family members are going through a range of emotions, from disbelief:

“Who would kill their baby? Who would kill their baby,” grandfather Gary Wyatt said.

To anger:

“Luckily the police got her before I did, trust me,” the grandfather said.

Now Victoria’s room is full of reminders: toys, shoes, all the reminders of the little girl they will never see again.

“It’s gonna be awful,” Wyatt, Jr. said. “I’m gonna wake up in the house alone.”

And a mother sits in the Henderson County jail with a $2 million bond  It’s a lot of money, but nothing compared to the loss of a child.

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