Texas Lawmaker Proposes Official State Drink

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Austin - In the Lone Star State we proudly claim the bluebonnet as our state flower.  The longhorn as our state mammal.  Heck, we even have a state vegetable.  Yeah, did you know it's the sweet onion?

So, then it just makes sense to have a state drink, right?

Hey, several states already have an official drink.  No Joke.  Many have chosen milk.

New Hampshire claims apple cider.  Kentucky a soft drink called Ale 8 One.  Whatever that is?  And in Nebraska Kool-Aid is king.

So, any guess as to what Texas has tapped as its official drink?  Well here's a clue.  Nada.  Nothing. Zip. Zilch.

That may change soon.  Republican State Representative Drew Springer wants to drown your sorrows.  His suggestion?

The Greyhound.  No not the dog or bus.  We're talking a stiff mix of vodka and red grapefruit Juice.  Wait what?  Where's the whiskey or better yet the tequila?  Isn't this Texas?

"Doesn't really seem like a good Texan manly drink to me," a patron at Champps in Irving said.  "I think of something a little more strong. Firm. I would definitely see a whiskey or tequila-based drink over something a little more fluffy like they're proposing."

"I'm not sure how much, as a state, you would want to promote drinking and say this is going to be our state drink, so maybe something healthy would be a good idea. I would say Texas tomato juice," Jason Brown said while eating lunch at Champps.

"I would vote against that because it should be a margarita," another patron at Champps said.

Hey, I can drink to that.

Well, only time will tell if Texas lawmakers will raise a glass to this proposal, but it might take a few greyhounds.

Great. Now I'm thirsty.

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