Texas Judge Throws out Craft Beer Distribution Law

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AUSTIN, TX — For Texas brewers, it’s time to raise a glass for a huge legal win. A Travis County judge struck down a 2013 law that made it illegal for brewers to get paid from distributors for their distribution rights.

Dallas attorney, Chad Ruback said, “Prior to the 2013 law being enacted craft breweries were paid by distributors for distribution rights, for territory, That`s how craft breweries in large part made their money.”

The judge said the 2013 law was unconstitutional based on the state of Texas constitution.

“Any time a statute is struck down as unconstitutional it`s a big deal! that`s particularly true when the statute was struck down on being unconstitutional via the state constitution rather than the federal constitution. It`s a bit unusual but not unheard of,” said Ruback.

He also thinks this decision will be appealed by Texas` attorney general, Ken Paxton.

“The attorney general has 30 days from the date of the ruling to file an appeal. He has not yet indicated whether he will be filing an appeal or not, but I am confident he will.”

So once we get past all the legal talk, what is the craft brewery law for dummies version, on what this ruling means?

“I think people are going to enjoy their beer more if their beer makers get to make more money, they`re going to be producing more beer!”

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