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FORT WORTH — Friendly reminder, y’all: Father’s Day is this Sunday!

As we get ready to honor the wonderful fathers in our lives, let’s also remember kids who aren’t lucky enough to have one in theirs.

That’s what Caroline Boudreaux does every day.  She founded the Austin-based Miracle Foundation, which operates a dozen orphanages in India.

“I would say we are very very good at providing love and affection for children,” Boudreaux said in an interview in Mumbai back in April. “Love and affection is the secret sauce. It’s what motivates them, it’s what gives them confidence, it’s what gives them a sense of belonging.”

Malcolm Street, a Fort Worth business owner and a father himself, has first-hand experience with how Boudreaux’s organization is changing lives.

“The Miracle Foundation will take a young child out of squalor and chaos,” Street told NewsFix. “And bring them into a place where there’s order, and cleanliness, and nourishment, education, health care…”

“We’re trying to take care of the whole child,” said Boudreaux.  “They don’t have moms and dads that identify with them. They don`t have that. So that`s what we have to provide for them.”

As Father’s Day rolls around, the Foundation is asking for special donations to go toward sports and recreation equipment for India’s orphans.

“Part of a young child’s healthy childhood is to be playful,” said Street. “I can contribute to an orphan having the stuff it takes to have a playful experience as part of their childhood.  What difference does being cared about make?  A life-changing difference.”

Hey, hard to think of a better cause than that.