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The 23-year-old business owner who brought snow to Sanger, has now brought equal pay for everyone with disabilities. Blake Pyron is well known in North Texas for his delicious snow cones, but what you might not know is that he is also the first business owner in Texas to have down syndrome.

He and his mother Mary Ann have been lobbying for equal pay for quite some time. They were tired of people with disabilities getting paid less than half of minimum wage, and they decided to fix it. They began lobbying and ended up catching the eye of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whom permanently uses a wheelchair.

Blake has since took a recent trip to Austin to talk to Governor Abbott about those with disabilities being paid sub-minimum wage.

The trip proved to be worth it for Mr. Pyron, as Governor Abbott signed a law that required employers to pay workers with disabilities at least $7.25, minimum wage. The bill states that all employers must abide by the law by September 1, 2022.

The coverage on Blake’s amazing journey from first being diagnosed with down syndrome, to high school prom king, and to the first business owner with down syndrome is one you just can’t help but love. Blake continues to advocate for those with disabilities and is ecstatic about being a National Down Syndrome Ambassador.

BONUS FACT: His wide array of flavors is sure to suit your chilly craving in the summer heat. Even better… he will stuff any snow cone with ice cream!

Blake’s Snow Shack is located on 401 Locust, Sanger, TX 76266.