Firefighter Accused of Shooting Dogs, Posting Pic

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HUNT COUNTY, TX -- “Keep your damn dogs on your property!” That's the Facebook message posted by a former Union Valley Volunteer Fireman, along with pictures of two dogs he allegedly shot and killed.

Tim Conatser has since deleted his Facebook account, but not before the picture went viral. It’s now been shared more than 60,000 times.

He's now been relieved of his duties after the fire department says it's received hundreds of death threats.

Conaster kept his gate locked Wednesday, but his friend Kevin Forester defended his actions, saying there had been a long-standing dispute with his neighbor.

"The guy pretty much told him to screw off, he wasn’t going to do anything about it," Forester explained. “These dogs came into his property and into his barn and were causing harm and destruction. If he called the animal shelter they would have come and hauled them in.”

Conaster didn’t make that call and apparently solved the problem with a gun.

The Hunt County Constable is investigating, but the law may be on his side. Texas law allows farmers to use deadly force on animals if they are injuring or killing livestock or domesticated animals.

Whether shooting the dogs was legal or not won’t be resolved for a while. But, going on social media to brag about it. That probably wasn’t a smart call.

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