Texas Congressman Gets Hands Dirty to ‘Better Understand’ Constituents

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IRVING — It was just a few days ago when we told you about a Nebraska congressman driving for Uber to get to know his constituents a little bit better.

Well, one North Texas congressman is kinda doing the same thing, but in his own way.

Representative Marc Veasey regularly rolls up his sleeves and gets down and dirty at businesses in his district to — as he puts it — “better understand the challenges they face” day in and day out. He’s already worked for waste management, at a tire shop, and behind the scenes at Six Flags.

Well on Tuesday – he clocked-in at Joe’s Coffee Shop in Irving.

But Representative Veasey has it easy compared to many of the people he worked alongside today. The average yearly salary of a congressman is $174,000. that’s well over double the median salary in Texas of just over $55,000.

But any jobs a good job this day in age, and when those who represent us in D.C. do their job, it’s enough to make *anyone* thankful!

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