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October 21 2021 07:00 pm

Texas business helping families with home schooling


BELL COUNTY, Texas – There’s been a rise of home schooling since the start of the pandemic.

“I’ve seen a lot of people who are coming in who are home schooling this year, specifically because of COVID,” says Homeschool House owner Allison Wilson.

Wilson says there’s been an increase demand for home schooling in Bell County.

“We have seen probably double the amount of people that we had before the pandemic started,” says Wilson.

With classes being canceled due to high COVID cases in the campuses, several parents have made a temporary decision to home school.

“They have concerns about what’s happening at their school, or they might have the underlying conditions that they just don’t feel comfortable sending their child to school. But they’re short-term home schoolers for this year,” says Wilson.

Wilson says she’s seen parents go through many challenges with teaching their kids at home – for instance – socializing.

“The challenges for active home schoolers who have been homeschooling a long time this year has been not seeing friends, and not being out as much,” says Wilson.

For parents who are overwhelmed with potential education gap, “We always have additional resources to help people who do feel like their child needs to be above the area where they are.”

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