DALLAS (KDAF) — Who remembers the days of the chicken sandwich war, when you would go to Popeyes to try their new chicken sandwich, only to be disappointed that it was all sold out? We do.

Well, those days may be making a comeback as a familiar franchise looks to reignite the chicken sandwich war: Golden Chick.

The fast-food company, headquartered in Richardson, has launched two new sandwich items available for purchase that they believe are worthy contenders in this competitive sandwich market.

Golden Chick has updated the fan-favorite Big & Golden, now bigger and just as golden as the original, officials say this sandwich is 20% larger than the original. This sandwich is served on an extra-large homemade Yeast roll with pickles and the company’s signature Lotta Zing Sauce.

In addition to an updated Big & Golden, they are also introducing an option for those who are looking for an extra kick to their food, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich. This sandwich has everything the Big & Golden has to offer; however, for this creation, the chicken is dipped into Nashville Hot dry seasoning once it is removed from the fryer.

This sandwich is only available from April 25 to June 19.

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