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TERRELL– Gas stations aren’t just for fueling up. They’re also for emptying out, in the bathroom that is.

What’s the number one place to go number one? Buc-ee’s!

According to Gas Buddy, the Texas-based gas station holds the porcelain throne!

So, what makes this place so special?

“They’re clean, nice, and have a bunch of different decor that we like looking at. Just real nice,” Texas resident Eva Salizar said.

“There’s always toilet paper and never messy and you can even go shopping in there too,” Texas resident Donna Hickey said.

“I do travel quite a bit but it is one of the very cleanest, no matter which one you go to,” Texas resident Barbara Mortin said.

That’s not the only reason people love Buc-ee’s!

“They have a large variety of everything. I could stay in here for two hours,” Hickey said.

In fact, this place is so popular, some people plan their trips around them!

When I’m traveling, I try to stop at a Buc-ee’s. I try to make sure I know which exits to get off at so that I know exactly,” Mortin said.

Though QuikTrip came in as a close second, Buc-ee’s seems to reign supreme as your one stop shop with the best pot!