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AUSTIN (KXAN) — There’s trash talk and then there’s trashy., an online gambling and sports betting site, ranked the worst of the worst when it comes to behavior of college football fans.

To get the results, it surveyed more than 2,000 NCAA football fans across the country and asked them to rate the behavior of fans bases in each of the power five conferences, along with independent teams. It also asked those surveyed why they thought the teams had poor sportsmanship.

Worst behaved college football teams (courtesy

Rolling in at the number one spot, Alabama. Those surveyed overall said the fans were arrogant, or thought they were better than everyone else. Granted, they’re sitting at the top of the SEC on a 7 game win streak right now.

Alabama fans were followed by Ohio State, LSU and Tennessee (who apparently has an issue with throwing trash on the field).

From Texas, drumroll please: Texas A&M ranked eighth in worst college football fan behavior. Those surveyed said Aggies use foul language.

University of Texas fans placed 21st and, like Alabama, those surveyed said the fan base was arrogant or thought they were better. Unlike Alabama, UT is not sitting squarely at the top of its conference, not even close with an overall 5-7 record.