Tesla’s autopilot strikes again after driver crashes into fire truck

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SALT LAKE CITY, UT -- Tesla has another hit, literally!

Another electric car is off the streets after crashing into a fire truck.

Salt Lake City authorities say the driver was traveling at about 60 miles-per-hour when it slammed into the truck stopped at a red light.

The driver admitted to looking at her phone before the vehicles collided, and the car was on autopilot.

The human driver was able to get out with just a broken ankle, and the fire truck driver was treated for whiplash.

This has raised concerns about just how safe the system is after a man was killed in a crash back in March, making this the second fatal crash using the cars' autopilot.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to point out that most other 60 mile-per-hour crashes end with worse injuries or death. He even noted how it's "super messed up" that Tesla crashes are making headlines, but thousands of others don't.

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Maybe it's because, according to the company's website, the car is said to be able to sense other cars and objects, change lanes without the driver's input, and self-park. Apparently, you can even summon the car to you!

One thing it doesn't seem to do is stop on its own! So to all the drivers out there, it's probably best to keep your hands on the wheel.

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