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TERRELL, Texas — A disturbing story is unfolding in Terrell, east of Dallas. A group of teens are accused of a sexually assaulting another teen, recording it, then sharing the video.

The victim told a school counselor Monday about the attack but says it did not happen on school property.

Terrell PD was immediately notified and now have a copy of the video they say was “allegedly circulating via iPhone messaging and other similar electronic forms of communication.”

So far, no arrests have been made. Detectives are conducting interviews. We’re told all the kids involved are around the same age and know one other.

“If a parent believes their child has a copy of this video on their phone, the video should be deleted immediately,” Terrell PD said in a statement. “Under no circumstances should this video be forwarded to anyone.”

Call Terrell PD at 972-551-6622, Ext. #281 if you have any information that could help with the case.