Tesla CEO gets sued for biting off artwork of farting unicorn

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PALO ALTO, CA -- And now we present to you, Elon Musk and the gassy unicorn!

This image of a friendly unicorn cutting the cheese to power an electric car seems like the perfect advertisement for a company like Tesla right?!

Yea well pottery artist, Tom Edwards, says he's been ripped off.

"This is a design that I've been doing since 2010," Edwards said.

The  artist says back in 2017 Musk reached out to him, telling him he loved the design and it was one his favorite mugs ever and even tweeted a picture of the clever idea.

All of this was fine and dandy, Edwards says, until things took a turn during the holidays.

"The straw that broke the camels back was at Christmas they sent out a Christmas greeting and it had my art work on it."

So ya darn tootin' he wanted to be compensated, but after getting his lawyer to reach out, he still got no response.

Aside from Edwards being shocked, his daughter, music artist Lisa Prank, went on Twitter blasting the CEO for not breaking wind on some cash for her dad.

She was eventually blocked by the billionaire.

Musk did eventually respond calling Edwards "kinda lame" if he wanted to sue for money, saying he's the one who boosted the mugs popularity, but those tweets have sense been deleted

But Edwards says he's not cutting this one loose.

"That's not the point. The point is they've already used it and that's how copyright works. Artists really need to protect their work."

Guess this push for natural gas has turned into a natural nightmare!

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