Teens who recorded man drowning will be charged

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COCOA, FL — By now you’ve probably seen the video of a disabled man who was drowning and calling for help as a group of teens laughed from the sidelines and recorded it all instead of calling 911.

Originally, the five teens, 14-16 years old, weren’t going to be charged because there’s no law in Florida that says a witness has to help someone who needs it. Police found a loophole, though, and the teens now will be charged for not reporting a death.

Police say Jamel Dunn walked into the water on his own and his body was found five days later, no thanks to the kids standing behind their phones.

Although the charges are better than nothing for Jamel’s family, they still have questions, “Why didn’t you call for help? Even if you didn’t physically go in and help him, why didn’t you just make a phone call to get him help, someone who can help him?” Dunn’s sister, Simone McIntosh asked.

In the video, you can hear one teen filled with remorse, but quickly shut down by the others when he says, “We just saw him die, we could’ve tried helped him.”

The problem still remains, the only person who called for help was Jamel.


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