Teens may face depression differently based on race

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Important information for parents out there concerned about their children`s emotional well-being.

Teenagers may show signs of depression differently based on their race.

Rutgers University researchers looked at teenage depression in Philadelphia, New York City, St. Louis, and Washington DC.
Most teens will say they feel sad or show a lack of interest in normal activities.

Morning Dose. spoke with the head researcher at the university, who said that African-American adolescents from poor neighborhoods tend to show they are depressed in different ways.

"In particular, black adolescents, they express depression in very unique ways," Dr. Wenhua Lu of Childhood Development at Rutgers University said. "So for example, instead of just saying that they are feeling sad or they feel lack of energy, so these adolescents they would express their depression in ways of for example complaining about their physical discomfort."

In other words ... African american teens experiencing depression might complain about a back ache or a stomach ache, instead of saying they feel sad.
researchers also found that complaining about lack of sleep was an important warning sign.
knowing how to spot these symptoms in different teens could lead to them getting the help they need sooner.

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