Teen With Cystic Fibrosis Walks Stage at Graduation

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PLANO, TX – Victoria McKennon is 17, and Friday night, she graduated from high school, with honors! But, her path to that stage has been rougher than what most teens face.  That’s because Victoria has cystic fibrosis.

Despite all the medical issues and obstacles that come with CF, she’s stayed in school at Plano Senior High.  High school is a stressful time for anyone, and that stress took its toll on Victoria’s health, especially during her senior year.  The past year alone, she’s needed four surgeries.  Missing all that class made it impossible for her to finish all her credits.

In January, she was told she wouldn’t be allowed to walk the stage at graduation without those credits.

After protests from her family and friends, the school board eventually decided she would get to walk after all.  Victoria says that decision eased her stress, and that her health improved as a result.

That improvement is opening the door to another graduation of sorts.  Victoria is preparing to transfer from Children’s Medical, which has treated her CF since she was diagnosed ten years ago, to the new adult CF clinic at UT Southwestern.

Yeah, between a new hospital and starting college, it’s a big year of transitions for this kiddo.  But for now, she’s just excited to finally walk that stage.

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