Teen ordered to pay $36 million for wildfire damages

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PORTLAND, OR -- Paying a fine or a citation is usually no one's ideal way of spending their hard earned cash, but what if you had to pay $36 million in fines?

Well, that's exactly the case for a teen who was taking a hike in Portland, Oregon. Back in September, the then 15-year-old says he tossed some fireworks into the woods, which turned into a decision he would soon regret.

The fireworks started a wildfire, burning more than 48,000 acres. Nobody got hurt, but the damage is really gonna cost this kid!

The judge fined him $36 million, and aside from that, he also gave the teen five years probation and 1,920 hours of community service.

The money would be split between 9 organizations and people who suffered from the blaze. The largest chunk of about $21 million will go to the U.S. Forest Service. Of course, that's if they ever collect.

If the teen were to earn the average American salary of about $50,000, it would take him around 720 years to pay his debt!

The teen's lawyer calls the judgment absurd and a violation of the 8th amendment, which protects people from excessive fines and cruel and unusual punishment.

But the judge says it's in line with the damage. The court has offered a payment plan and the boy will be off the hook in 10 years if he finishes probation and doesn't commit any other crimes.

Looks like he better ask for a raise in his allowance.

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