Teddy Ruxpin is Back From the 80s with a Creepy Makeover

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NEW YORK — A blast from the past. Teddy Ruxpin is making a comeback! Yep, the iconic talking toy bear from the late ’80s is heading back to store shelves.

And he’s got some high-tech upgrades that are a tad on the creepy side.

Teddy Ruxpin still reads stories with a motorized mouth. But  instead of a cassette player (remember those?), he has an internal hard drive with 10 stories about his adventures, with an option to download additional ones.

Teddy also now has color LCD eyes that show 40 animated expressions synched to the stories. He can even blink and look up and down, but his eyes also flash hearts, stars, even snowflakes.

Told ya… creepy!

Well, who are we kidding? He was creepy in the 80s, too. But kids still loved him!

This new Teddy Ruxpin will cost you $99. But don’t run out waving your credit card just yet. New Teddy doesn’t hit stores until July 2017.

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