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MCKINNEY — The midterm elections are still about two months away and Senator Ted Cruz is not letting up off the gas as he tries to keep the Senate seat red.

On Monday, crowds of Cruz supporters gathered during his rally in McKinney as he spoke on unemployment rates and repealing Obamacare.

And though the crowd was cheering, some people are planning to put Cruz and President Trump on blast.

Recently, social media correspondent Antonio Arellano, Claude Taylor, who served on the White House staff during Bill Clinton’s presidency, and one of the Parkland shooting survivors, David Hogg, have come together to create a GoFundMe to get a billboard with this Tweet displayed to the world.

Back in 2016, then candidate Trump posted the Tweet asking why Texans would support Ted Cruz when he hasn’t accomplished anything for them.

But that wasn’t the same song Trump was singing just last week when he tweeted that Cruz had his complete and total support and that he’ll have a rally for him in the “biggest stadium in Texas.”

In the end, Cruz says he isn’t letting the campaign for the billboard affect him.

“It’s hardly news that the extreme left is angry and they hate President Trump, so it’s not surprising that they’re going to campaign and they’re going to push their agendas, they’re going to push their attacks,” said Cruz. “I’m going to keep my focus on substance, on issues, what Texans care about.”

Since posting the GoFundMe two days ago, nearly 500 people have donated, exceeding the goal of $6,000.