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FORT WORTH – A group of students at Texas Christian University have been suspended and are facing disciplinary action for cheating.

The alleged cheating happened over multiple semesters and covers more than one class. Faculty members found out that questions from an active test had been taken without permission and turned in to Quizlet study notes.

“While preparing for an exam, the students located and studied previously posted materials readily available on Quizlet – not knowing these items would be on the exam,” attorney Letty Martinez of Varghese Summersett said in a statement. “As it turned out, the professor responsible for the exam recycled test questions from past semesters. The ‘cheating’ accusations stem from the professor’s belief that students should notify professors if they recognize exam questions. The knee-jerk suspensions have far-reaching and lasting implications for the students involved.”

Quizlet is an app that allows people to create online study sets and use other people’s study material. TCU officials have not released further details.