TCU Horned Frogs Ballin’ in New Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena

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FORT WORTH, TX — Purple pride has a new look on the TCU campus.

The newly renovated Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena is pretty fancy. Yeah, guess you can say it’s alumni dollars hard at work.

Okay, seriously — the overhaul completely transformed the former Daniel-Meyer Coliseum. That facility was built back in 1959; today, it’s practically unrecognizable.

“When the patrons come into the arena, they’re going to be greeted with something that looks a little like Daniel-Meyer Coliseum, as they saw it before, but as they start looking around, they’ll see some changes,”Ross Bailey, TCU Sr. Associate AD of Facilities and Operations told NewsFix.

The Horned Frogs’ new pad includes $72M in upgrades:

*a new floor that was lowered four feet for improved sight

*stands were moved closer to the court

*a brand new panasonic video board

*and flashy video panels above each entrance

“Nike helped us with the design on the floor, taking our Frog scale, our Horned Frog scale, from some of our jerseys, and putting it onto the floor,” Bailey explained.

But, wait – there’s more. The newly crafted arena now houses a cool nod to TCU’s greatest: a Horned Frog Hall of Fame.

What’s more, 125,000-square feet of added space means TCU coaches and staff are now all under one roof. Then, there are the locker rooms, and the Courtside Club.

Yeah, these Frogs are ballin’.

The new arena will officially be christened on Saturday with a graduation ceremony, then it’s game on for basketball season.

Man, it’s good to be a Horned Frog.



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