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FORT WORTH — With a third straight trip to the College World Series in reach for the TCU baseball team this weekend, you’d expect them to be all smiles.

That’s not the case, though.

“It’s heartbreaking,” catcher Evan Skoug said. “I saw the message from Coach (Jim Schlossnagle) yesterday, and I didn’t know what to think.”

The message from Micah Ahern’s mom Monday night felt like a punch to the gut for the Purple and White.

Linda Ahern shared the terrible news on Micah’s Facebook page. The neuroblastoma he’s been fighting since he was only a year old is just too strong this time. 7-year-old Micah’s going to spend his final days at home with his family.

His Horned Frogs, though, aren’t ready to give up.

“His motto is ‘Never Ever Give Up,’ and we’re not going to do that regardless of what the prognosis is,” Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle said. “He truly is part of everything we do.”

Micah has been an honorary Horned Frog for two years, getting his own locker in the clubhouse, having Nerf wars in the hospital with the players, and inspiring TCU’s team to wear special ‘Superhero Micah’ shirts along with patches of the ‘Superhero Micah’ logo on their hats and gloves.

He loves the Frogs, and they love him.

“There’s so much joy in who he is,” said pitcher Mitchell Traver. “In his facial expressions, his body language, everything. It just changes things for me.”

Now they have a special message for their superhero before they travel to Super Regionals at Texas A&M.

“I think it encourages us to play harder,” Traver said. “I think it encourages us to embrace the moment understanding that there’s way more than baseball, and honestly I think it just encourages us to represent him well.”

And no matter what happens, like Linda Ahern said, “Cancer doesn’t win. Micah wins.”