Dallas tattoo removal college introduces new patch to help process

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DALLAS — Some people will say they have a thing or two or three, that they regret in life, and we can bet on the list somewhere is getting a tattoo.

But a tattoo removal training school, called New Look Laser College, has something you may be interested in if you want that age old ink gone!

“So the new piece of technology that we have incorporated into our training course is the PFD patch, it’s perfluorodecalin,” said, Justin Arnosky, director of the New Look Laser College.

This new patch has been engineered to help the laser removal process be safer and easier.

“It can reduce of blisters and scabs. It can reduce hyper and hypo pigmentation,” Arnosky said. “We can do multiple passes in a single treatment, so it’s going to rapidly accelerate how quickly we get rid of a tattoo.”

Out of all the people that get tattoos about 25 percent regret it and nearly 17 percent actually want to have them removed!

Whatever the reason for getting your ink removed, expect five to eight treatments.

So take a second to think before you do something wild and crazy that you may live to regret!

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