Targeting the Badge: Open Season On Cops?

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LOS ANGELES — Anyone who’s dreamed about wearing a badge might be starting to think it’s a nightmare job.

That’s because it appears to be open season on cops.

As the nation pays tribute to two NYPD cops ambushed while sitting in their patrol car, there was an attack in the wild west Sunday night. Someone opened fire on two LAPD cops.

The officers were responding to an unrelated radio call when a hail of bullets hit their patrol car.

Luckily, neither cop was injured.

They captured one of the alleged gunmen. The other suspect got away.

And the shooting didn’t stop there.

Two Florida officers reported being shot at three times Sunday by an unknown suspect.

As tensions continue to mount between the cops and the people they’ve been sworn to protect, take a moment to remember — folks who wear the badge are in the line of fire everyday.

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