Talk of the Town: Media Frenzies Around American Sniper Trial

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STEPHENVILLE, Texas — The case they’re calling the American Sniper Murder Trial has taken over the small Texas town of Stephenville. The only other time Stephenville has been in the national spotlight was when UFOs were reportedly sighted there back in 2008. This week’s media frenzy is truly out of this world.

No surprise when you’ve got a murder trial and a blockbuster Hollywood movie with the same central character. But is this town of 17,000 ready for the Hollywood-like spotlight?

Ready or not, media outlets from all over the country are setting up camp and if you think the lines to see the movie were long you should see the line of people trying to get inside the courthouse.

“I thought I’d just come over here and observe, check it out. I’m a Navy veteran and I’m just interested,” Mark Anthony said about the media circus.

But Mark didn’t get there early enough to get inside the courtroom.

So just how early do you have to show up to watch this drama play out? People who were at the front of the line claimed they had been there since 6:15am.

It looks like this is going to be the only show in town for the next two weeks.

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