Takin’ the Title: UIL Strips Madison High of Championships

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The fallout from the DISD Athletic Recruiting Scandal has hit James Madison High hard.

The UIL stripped the school of their 2013 and 2014 3A State Championship basketball titles Friday. The investigation was sparked when Madison High star player Johnathan Turner was charged with killing his roommate, Troy Causey, a player for Wilmer-Hutchins.

Both players had been recruited and switched schools for athletic purposes; a direct violation of UIL rules.

Madison’s loss is a huge win for Houston’s Jack Yates High School. They lost back-to-back title games to the Madison Trojans and now have been retroactively declared back-to-back champs.

“In this moment we are, while very sympathetic to what has taken place in Dallas, excited by what our students will get to experience,” said Yates principal Donetrus Hill.

Obviously, the news didn’t go over so well with the Madison faithful.

“It`s kind of unfair because they worked so hard to get here and they put a lot of effort, a lot of work, into it,” said Madison grad James Dean.

“I was shocked,” said another student, Damontra Sweeny. “They could at least keep their titles. They worked hard for it, coming through the summer, going to practice and all that. Why they gotta take something they worked so hard for?”

DISD is still reeling from the scandal that got 11 coaches and 4 athletic officials fired. In a statement they said, “While the UIL’s decision will be disappointing for the players and schools involved, Dallas ISD accepts the ruling. Dallas ISD will use the lessons from this unfortunate situation to ensure our athletics programs uphold the highest level of integrity and sportsmanship.”

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