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MCKINNEY – NewsFix told you about a take one, leave one coat rack at Taco Stop in Dallas.

While they’re trying to warm folk’s hearts, a McKinney woman is on the same page trying to feed folk’s bellies with a free pantry.

Kim Sanchez started the pantry in September in front of Hugs Cafe in McKinney.

What she thought was going to be a small project turned into a part time job now that the pantry goes bare everyday.

Sanchez says, “A lot of the people aren’t necessarily homeless they’re just very low income. It may be people who are receiving WIC and SNAP.”

Just like Dallas, the city of McKinney tried to regulate the pantry, But Kim says not only did they back off, but they pitched in. “We have had lots of council people support me, they make donations,” said Sanchez.

Businesses are stepping up donating storage space and money. Some donations from McKinney people haven’t been too shabby either.  Sanchez says, “Somebody had donated an Este Lauder Beautiful perfume and lotion set.”

So far, the pantry is a hit, and they have a great thing going from a small pantry in downtown McKinney.