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This is the type of diss track we didn’t see coming. East Texas country singer Neal McCoy just released a new single called Take a Knee, My Ass.

Check it out:

The lyrics that (uh) stand out are:

When I see somebody on TV
take their stand on bended knee
whether it be on AstroTurf or grass
I think of those whose freedom was not free
I say, take a knee’ – my a**!

It seems Mr. Mccoy doesn’t stand for the NFL players who’ve taken a knee during the National Anthem. One thing’s for certain: Neal has made sure his “patriotism” doesn’t go unnoticed.

He’s recorded himself saying the pledge of allegiance, not once or twice, but every day!

Oh, and did we mention he’s a guest judge at the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader tryouts every year? Yeah, you know, ‘America’s Team.’

Well, no matter how proud Neal is, some folks aren’t feeling his message.

Then there are the folks who are rating the song 5 stars on iTunes.

Well, despite the polarizing song, Neal told Fox and Friends he’s not dissing anyone.

One thing we can all agree on is, this the most attention his music has gotten in over 10 years.