Syrian Refugees Are Like Kids In An Apple Store!

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How many things have gone through your mind since the terror in Paris?

Yeah, we’re all dealing, but this also got me thinking about an Apple store in Australia.

Did you hear about those school kids kicked out by the Apple manager? They apparently freaked out the store, with the thought of stolen  iPads and iPhones.

Not smart for a place with a genius bar!  These kids were profiled, categorized and stigmatized, while the Apple manager should have realized he was just being insecure and ignorant.

So these kids were not welcome because they are from a group that caused a threat to the store.

How’d that make you feel ?  But here’s a bigger question: Where have we heard this kind of thing lately?

A Syrian refugee is about as welcome now as a kid in an Apple store.

More than half the nation’s governors don’t want them.   Because if you’re from Syria, you must be a terrorist.

Here’s the thing: These states are in a state of denial when it comes to this issue.

You don’t hear any governors talking about keeping out refugees from OTHER terrorist hotbeds like, Iraq, Afghanistan,  Pakistan  and Nigeria. Look-up what Boko Haram has been up to lately.

It’s not good.

Yet, Texas is home to one of the largest Nigerian immigrant populations in the country.

So now what?

The easy thing for any politician to do is jump on the fear bandwagon without really thinking this through.

You just can’t pick and choose who you leave the welcome-mat out for.

Because many refugees are like those kids at the Apple store — they’re just looking for a better operating system!

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