Sweet Steal: Sprinkles Gives Free Cupcakes to Celebrate 10 Years

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DALLAS— Free Cupcakes!  Bet that caught your attention.

“We love cupcakes!” Debra Quach squealed.

“I need to get a free cupcake today,” patron Miko Anderson said.

Yup, the sprinkles outside didn’t stop loads of people from stepping into Sprinkles Cupcakes at Preston Center in Dallas Monday. You know, the place with the cupcake ATM?

“I was scrolling through Twitter on my phone and I found out that Sprinkles was giving out free cupcakes, so I told her let’s go to Sprinkles!” Staci Shelby said.  “We just got in my car and drove here today.”

“We’re poor graduate students so anytime we can get free food is the best time,” Anderson added.

“We’re here to celebrate the birthday of Sprinkles, and get free cupcakes,” Patron Janise Spikes said.

There was a line out the door!  They even have cupcakes for your doggie at home.  But these guys are celebrating a sweet milestone.

“Today is our 10 year anniversary for our company opening up the first store. We were the first original cupcake bakery,” general manager Kristyn Summerlin said.  “Dallas is actually the third location, third to have the ATM, and third to have the ice cream store.”

That’s equals about 25 million red velvets thus far, folks.

“We have one called Sprinkle, for our celebration today, lemon meringue, apple cinnamon, a lot to choose from,” Summerlin said.

“My favorite is banana, but nobody else likes that one,” Shelby said.  “I like carrot cake,” Mackenzie Capetillo said.  “Red velvet,” Spikes mentioned.

“I’m waiting to try the new Sprinkle cupcake that they’re debuting today,” Anderson said.

“I like so many of the different flavors; I will just have to see what I feel like when I’m at the counter,” Quach said.

“We sell cupcakes, and what’s not bad about selling cupcakes all day long? We are so, so happy to make people have a great Monday.”

Now that’s the icing on the… cupcake?

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