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Hidden Camera Suspect Leaves Selfies for PoliceGrapevine Police are looking for a man suspected of placing a hidden camera inside a ladies restroom at a Braum’s restaurant in Grapevine. Investigators released a picture of an unidentified man, and possible suspect, whose face appeared in the photos captured by the device.

“It’s pretty scary – it’s an invasion of privacy,” Braum’s customer Laura Elsaesser said. “It seems you don’t have any privacy anymore anywhere you go.”

Investigators said the suspect was scooped last week, by a Braum’s employee who discovered the odd device disguised as an electrical outlet.

“I’m shocked and it’s very sad that this is happening in a town like this, or anywhere where women feel violated when they go to the restroom,” Grapevine resident Christy Deem said.

Grapevine Police believe the hidden camera wasn’t on for long, possibly just one day. Yet, in that time, police said at least one victim was caught on camera. Detectives are trying to identify that woman.

“We’re hoping somebody will recognize this criminal, and contact us. That way, we can get him identified, so we can prevent this from happening in the future,” Sgt. Robert Eberling with Grapevine Police Department said.

Meanwhile, parents are trying to keep their cool; put-off by this sick stunt.

“In this day and age, it’s not surprising,” father Dennis Alise said.

“But, I’m glad the police have investigated and are looking into it and it’s still sad that someone would do that in a women’s bathroom.”

Anyone with information on this case is asked to call Grapevine Police.