Surveillance Video Reveals #1 Suspect for “666” Tagging

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When it comes to the number 666, some folks try to avoid it, but apparently someone wants it all over DFW.  Dallas police have released surveillance video, saying the guy in it is their #1 suspect.

A guy on a mountain bike doesn’t look too intimidating and it could be any morning biker, right?  But this guy has been spotted at two of the 12 locations where the  mark of the beast has been spray-painted; the last place tagged was near University Park.

Three of the targets, The Legacy of Love Monument on Oak Lawn, The Cathedral of Hope, and a youth resource center, are all connected to the LGBT community, which has turned this from a case of vandalism to a hate crime.

“We aren’t angry; we are disappointed, and we are committed to praying for people who disagree with us. There are more mature ways to engage in conflict or disagreement,” Cathedral of Hope pastor Jim Mitulski said on the day the vandalism was first discovered.

Police hope someone will recognize this biker and put a stop to these demonic deeds.

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