Surprise, Surprise! Woman Gives Birth on Toilet, IRS Says Living Woman is Dead

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JACKSON, WI - Not everyone likes surprises.  It was a real scream (well, it was probably more of a “waaaah”) when Carolann Bauerle surprisingly delivered a newborn baby.

It all went down when she left her job early because of a bad tummy ache. But, when she used the bathroom at home she literally dropped a kid off at the pool. This time one weighed 7lbs 5 ounces.

“I'm not prepared at all! From going to not knowing I was pregnant to having a baby," Bauerle explained.

Yeah, unexpectedly giving life to a whole baby is one thing. But imagine finding out that you're six feet under when you're actually alive.

No, we didn't get all Twilight on you. This really happened to 25-year-old Sarah Jewell. Instead of getting her tax refund check in the mail, she got a letter from the IRS saying she was dead.

Apparently, someone accidentally filed her social security number as deceased. Yeah, the mistake has been a complete nightmare for Sarah.

But, believe it or not, every year a reported 9,000 Americans are walking dead and don't even know it.

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