Surprise Party: Wounded Warrior Gets New Home

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ARLINGTON- Ross Cox joined the Army back in August 2001, about a month before the world learned news that changed everything.

“There was a radio on and they said a plane hit the World Trade Center,” Army Sgt Ross Cox said.

Sgt. Cox knew where his first mission would be. On his third tour, he had another life-changing moment.

“There was a single file line 26 guys walked in front of me and I just happened to step in the right place at the right time.”

That step was on an IED and he lost his leg.

“As I processed it weeks later, I was really grateful that none of my guys got hurt.”

Today, at AT&T Stadium the group Kids R Kids returned the gratitude and raised $11,549 for this wounded warrior and his family. The Kids raised cash anyway they could — from selling bracelets to picking up dog poop.

Ben Stevenson raised the most cash with $1,200 thorough online donations.

“My mom setup a thing on Facebook where if someone wanted to donate they could donate however much they wanted,” Stevenson said.

Sgt. Cox and his family had one more surprise — a brand new house in Fort Worth.

“Its very overwhelming and I can’t talk about it right now” Ross’s wife, Nicole Cox said. “We are just blown away by it, you can’t even express it into words.”

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