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FORT WORTH — For the third straight year, the TCU baseball team punched its ticket to the College World Series, something no other squad in the country can currently say.

It also happens to be the third year that 7-year-old Micah Ahern has been a member of the Frogs from Fort Worth.


The players certainly didn’t think so moments after advancing.

“This team continues to fight, and we learned that from Micah,” pitcher Mitchell Traver told TCU Athletics reporter Kayla McLain after their win Sunday. “That’s why we have this patch on our hats. We love you Micah, and that was for you, buddy.”

“I know we’re all really excited, and we’re all thinking of him,” catcher Evan Skoug added at the time. “He’s got more games to watch of us, and we’ve got more chances to make him smile. Whatever we can do to bring him joy is just a blessing.”

We introduced you to Micah’s story last week.

He’s been battling neuroblastoma since he was a year old, but it’s proving to be too powerful. With new scans showing a grim prognosis, doctors have sent the kid, known as Superhero Micah, home to live out life with his family.

There are two things he’s been firm on, though; the Frogs and four special words.

“Never Ever Give Up! Go Frogs!” the 7-year-old yelled.

And TCU, a team who is wearing his patch on their shirts, hats, and gloves, knows his super powers are a big reason they’re this close to a national title.

“We did it for you,” Skoug said in a message sent to Micah from the team. “You’re our superhero, and we’re never going to give up. Neither should you. Go Frogs! We love and miss you, buddy.”

The Frogs leave for Omaha Thursday, and though Micah Ahern won’t join his team on the trip, Superhero Micah is always present for the Purple and White.