Summer Months could mean problems for your pet

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The dog days of summer are here.  Yeah, it's the first day of summer, and we are sure it is going to be a hot one.

In fact, in Phoenix Arizona, it is so hot that some dog owners are getting protecting their pups paws from the hot pavement.

“The cement and the asphalt can get very hot and can bun the pads of their feet,” Lauriston Crockett, III, told Newsfix.

Yeah, dog burns can get really bad and experts say protecting your pet during the summer heat is vital.

But it is also important to realize there are other summer hazards that could be problematic for your pet.

“Number one, please don't leave your dog in a hot car. It can turn into a death trap in a short period of time,” Crockett said. “Number two, make sure they have a lot of fresh water. Number three, make sure they have some shade to lay under. Let's make sure to take care of that.'

Lauriston Crockett knows a thing or two about dog health, he created health products for pets. But the number one priority for pet owners is making sure the dog days of summer do not bite.

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