Summer Help: Students Rehab Dallas Homes

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DALLAS, TX – When you`re a kid there`s no greater word than summer. It means pool parties, family trips and not having to wake-up early but some kids are having their fun in the sun with another activity; Housework.

That’s right, students from churches across Texas are spending a week of their summer improving homes for families in Dallas. The effort is a partnership with bounce student disaster recovery.

Dallas is one of five locations across Texas and Oklahoma receiving help from the organization. Kyle Crim, one of the leaders of the local group, says it’s all to give a helping hand to those in need, “This week here in Dallas we`re doing community rehab for folks who don`t have the means to do it themselves.”

That can include anything from roofing, painting, and even clean-up duty but you won`t hear any of the kids out here complaining. Sutton Lowe is one of the students who decided to volunteer this summer, “I`m getting to meet people I would`ve never met otherwise and I`m working with them and I`m growing a bond with them working with them.”

Fellow volunteer Darby Cavanaugh echoed the same sentiments, “We`ve all talked to each other like we`ve known each other for years, it`s really nice, I like it a lot. It makes working much easier.”

All the hard work left people searching for plenty of massages and water. Guess you can say the sore muscles are just a small sacrifice in the name of charity. Looks like these kids have definitely started their summer the right way.

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