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DALLAS — Looks like millennials are more likely to be job hoppers than any other generation. A Gallop poll found that 21% of millennial employees have changed jobs within the past year.

Business coach, Jason Treu says, “A lot of millennials are trying to find their purpose in their job. And if they`re not getting their needs met and they`re career advancement met, what happens is they`re starting to look for other jobs.”

Treu  explains, it’s not like the good ole days of staying put and getting the gold watch. He says, while millennials may get antsy, job-hopping is not necessarily a bad thing. “If you”re  job-hopping that’s a real negative, I think today it’s either neutral or some people even look at it as a positive,” said Treu.

The poll says that 60% of millennials are ready for a job change right now. And if you’re looking to make the big bucks, its time to move on. “I think the data also supports the fact that if you don’t start job-hopping you’re going to make less salary,” said Treu.