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DALLAS (KDAF) — Elon Musk is bringing new attention to fake social media users after the billionaire pulled out of an agreement to buy Twitter because they hadn’t given him enough information on bots on the platform.

In the spirit of investigation, a new study from is looking at the facts about fake social media users. They surveyed 1,500 users of both Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the share of fake social media accounts. According to the survey, Texas has the highest number of fake social media engaged users sitting at 4.51 fake accounts per user. The national average was 2.75 fake accounts per user.

Other findings regarding Texas include:

  • The average age of fake account owners in Texas is about 35 years old
  • Half of Texas’s fake accounts are created on Twitter
  • 2.18 is the average of fake accounts per user in Texas
  • 59.1% own a fake account for two years or more
  • 79.5% of fake account users in Texas have never been reported

Other top states include:

  • Florida – 4.28
  • New York – 4.21
  • Pennsylvania – 3.91
  • California – 3.78
  • Michigan – 3.66
  • Ohio – 3.35
  • Wisconsin – 3.26
  • North Carolina – 3.23

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