Study says debt is the new dating deal breaker for millennials

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If you’re searching for the love of your life, make sure your money isn’t funny! Having debt is the new deal breaker for millennial dating.

According to a SoFi study, 20.9% of millennials (age 25-35) believe having serious debt issues is a major deal breaker when committing to potentials partners.

For those who have these expensive issues, 57.6% won’t tell their partner until they start sharing household expenses. Only 8.3% said they’d tell their partner ASAP and 29.9% only when they’re exclusive.

They say you can’t put a price on love, but only 36.1% of millennials actually believe that’s true. When asked how much debt it would take for them to consider not marrying your partner, 16.7% cop out at $10-15K, 22.8% at $50-100K and 24.4% at $100K.

Other deal breakers in the study include workaholics, being too cheap, having a dead-end job, recently divorced and being a bad dresser.

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