Strict curfews and total domination: Drew Pearson remembers Super Bowl XII, 40 years later

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DALLAS — This last week marked the 40th anniversary of one of the biggest events in Cowboys history: their Super Bowl XII win over the Denver Broncos. And we got to sit down with Dallas legend Drew Pearson to talk about his memories from that game.

“The fact that we dominated that game throughout,” Pearson said is was he remembers most. “Coach Landry had a great game plan, we had a little experience of going to the Super Bowl so we knew how to deal with it.”

And with the game in New Orleans at the then brand new Superdome, the famously conservative Landry had some strict rules to keep the player’s minds on the football game!

“Coach Landry put that curfew on us, to make sure we didn’t get on that Bourbon Street and all that,” the former receiver laughed. “So we did all the right things leading up to the game as far as our preparation and then once we stepped on the field we were excited about the opportunity and we dominated that game. It was a very physical football game but we made some plays to help us win that game.”

Of course the biggest play didn’t come from the all-pro Pearson, but from little know receiver Butch Johnson, whose diving touchdown grab has been forever immortalized on the Cowboys Star Walk.

It was the last Super Bowl win for guys like Landry and Staubach, and the only one for Pearson. But even though it would be 15 years before the Cowboys won again, and even though they haven’t won again since the 90’s, no one can take away the ring Pearson and the Boys earned 40 years ago.

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