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October 28 2021 07:00 pm

Street Ministry: Local Pastor Spends The Week Homeless

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DALLAS — When most of us see the homeless problem in our city, we might feel a little pity, maybe offer a buck or two.

But Pastor Bertrain Bailey decided to go the extra mile, and truly understand what it means to be homeless in Dallas, living on the streets this week.

“I just felt like I needed to be in their shoes to help them more and help them better,” said Bailey. “What I found out and what I saw, it shocked me. This is the worst experience of my life. I’ve never experienced anything remotely close.”

He went on to say: “Sometimes we get so complacent with where we are and we get so complacent with where God has us that we take life for granted, we take eating for granted, we take having a place we can store our clothes for granted, we take transportation for granted, we just take so many things for granted. And so to be homeless for three days I learned don’t take life for granted.”

Bailey finished up his introspective journey by handing out over 200 hot lunched to the homeless in front of the Dallas Library, but they’re not stopping there.

“We’re trying to raise $100,000 to help feed, shelter and clothe the homeless,” he said, “So much needs to be done.”

But with people like Bertrain Bailey taking their compassion to the streets, that huge amount that has to be done can get a little bit smaller every day.

If you’d like to help out, click here to go to their Go Fund Me page and pitch in!

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